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Unlocking the Potential of Real-Time Marketing with Zeotap CDP

In today’s digital landscape, the ability to engage with customers in real-time is paramount for marketers seeking to stay ahead of the curve. Traditional marketing approaches are no longer sufficient in a world where consumers expect personalised interactions and instant gratification. 

Zeotap CDP’s real-time  journey orchestration platform, with its ever-evolving capabilities, offers you the opportunity to listen even more closely to customer actions and respond promptly. Now, you can trigger marketing and personalisation journeys based on a combination of a customer’s past events and their latest activities. For instance, if a customer who has previously shown interest only in the apparel category checks out an electronics product, you can initiate a campaign to introduce and onboard them to the new category they’re exploring. 

This further enhances the way marketers leverage customer data to drive meaningful engagement and achieve tangible results.

Insights through Real-Time Calculated Attributes

Calculated Attributes in Zeotap CDP allow marketers to leverage granular event data to enrich customer profiles by aggregating it in meaningful ways and enabling the creation of more accurate audience segments and journey orchestrations. However, the true game-changer lies in Zeotap CDP’s ability to update these calculated attributes in real-time and act upon those updates. This empowers marketers to trigger journeys based on ever-changing customer preferences. For instance, when a customer’s lifetime purchases exceed $5000, you can trigger an email welcoming them to the ‘high-value club’. This also has applications for data science and AI teams, as they can receive real-time updates to customers’ profiles whenever a meaningful change is tracked.

Empowering Marketers with Real-Time Triggers

Marketers can define triggers for customer journeys based on changes to specific user attributes — and now, real-time calculated attributes. This ensures they deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Whether it’s welcoming high-value customers to an exclusive club or obtaining an updated copy of the user’s golden record in real-time, Zeotap CDP makes it all possible.

To better understand this feature, let’s explore a use case. Matt is a marketer for a leading e-commerce platform. He’s working on a project to encourage customers to explore more categories on the platform. User interviews have indicated that existing customers who want to try out a new category don’t like the experience. So Matt wants to create a differentiated experience for anyone who’s an existing customer but exploring a new category.


Real-time Calculated Attributes

To do that, Matt can create a Real-Time Calculated Attribute, ‘unique categories viewed’, that tracks all the unique categories like electronics, apparel, etc., that each of his site visitors has interacted with. Matt wants to track the moment this list gets a new addition, such as when a customer starts exploring perfumes for the first time. He can do that by creating a customer journey that listens in on changes to ‘unique categories viewed’ and use that as a signal to craft a personalised experience for the new category the customer is trying out.

But it’s not just Matt; Lisa, the Head of Data Science, also sees the value in leveraging real-time Calculated Attributes. For customers whose ‘unique categories viewed’ changes, she’d like to rerun the product recommendation model for them, factoring in their new interests. She is able to do so by forwarding the signal to her data warehouse in real-time.

In conclusion, Zeotap CDP offers marketers a powerful toolkit for unlocking the full potential of real-time marketing. By leveraging the platform’s ever-evolving, sophisticated, and easy-to-use real-time features, marketers can deliver personalised experiences that drive results. Don’t settle for outdated marketing approaches – embrace the future of marketing with Zeotap CDP. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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