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Zeotap CDP

Empowering brands to collect, unify, segment and activate customer data in a cookieless future, all while putting consumer privacy and compliance front-and-centre. It solves two key problems in sequential order: first, creating a unified consented customer view that then in turn supports key marketing goals: improve operational efficiency, customer acquisition, growth and retention.

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Zeotap Data

A data asset designed for Europe, delivering quality without compromising on data privacy. People-based and deterministic, Zeotap Data is composed of over 500 million unique IDs and is refreshed daily to ensure reliable quality.

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A global universal identity solution from Zeotap, delivering audience reach without the help of third-party cookies or MAIDs. Designed to safeguard the future of identity and addressability, ID+ connects publishers, advertisers and both buy-side and sell-side platforms together to form a new cookieless ecosystem.


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“Based on my experience, I can honestly say Zeotap’s platform is without equal. Brands can happily jettison a complex and inefficient patchwork of point solutions in favour of their unified stack for all data-related activities.”
Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

“Zeotap has always set the bar when it comes to quality and security. It is part of their DNA.”

Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

“Being the data centre for the entire EMEA region, we have found Zeotap to be the right partner to improve our customer data intelligence and the service we provide to our clients.”
Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

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