CDP Diaries: Customer Journeys You’ll Fall in Love With

Stephanie’s Luxury Retail Journey In the fast-paced and competitive retail sector, delivering personalised and seamless customer experiences is paramount for success. Luxury brands, in particular, face the challenge of leveraging customer data to develop tailored strategies that drive loyalty and boost sales. The ability to harness customer data is not just a luxury, but a… Continue reading CDP Diaries: Customer Journeys You’ll Fall in Love With

Virgin Media O2 saves £1M and brings in more customers in return by suppressing their existing customers from paid media, using Zeotap CDP

Thanks to Zeotap CDP, Virgin Media O2 saved £1 million direct budget on paid media in one year, while bringing more new customers in return. It was able to suppress 70% of existing customers from its digital campaign and decreasing the cost per order by 37%, while increasing the conversion rate with re-invested budget up to 43%.

Unidad Editorial enables greater efficiency and grows customer spend with Zeotap CDP

Through Zeotap CDP, Unidad Editorial was able to replace a manual process with the automatic segmentation of customer attributes and activation of those segments, increasing the efficiency and the CTR by 33.95%.