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How Zeotap CDP helped VMO2 with an effortless audience segmentation for an efficient suppression

Virgin Media O2, was faced with the challenge of irrelevant customer targeting in digital ad campaigns that led to budget wastage that negatively impacted business outcomes. They wanted to improve the paid acquisition strategy by suppressing their existing customers who already purchased, or customers who cannot purchase) from their campaigns. Additionally, they wanted to efficiently use the Ad spend in acquiring new customers, upselling and cross-selling to existing customers. In this blog, we will delve into how Virgin Media O2 worked closely with Zeotap CDP to identify the right audiences to target, by suppressing the existing customers from its media campaigns.

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5.5M existing unique customer to be suppressed were identified

Catalogue in Zeotap CDP is a central feature and introduces standardisation of data across the system. With its Do-it-Yourself (DIY) capabilities, our Catalogue offered full control and functionality to efficiently prepare, define and onboard their data sources. Their data silos from web, mobile and cable sources were unified to identify the existing unique customer profiles that could be targeted. The ingested data was standardised as per their business need. Additional categories were created like user traits, event data, consent, marketing preferences and more against the user profiles. Furthermore, Calculated Attributes were created based on modelled information such as high-valued customers and low-valued customers. A custom schema was created on the fly!

Zeotap CDP's Catalogue

Zeotap CDP’s  Identity Stitching feature gave their marketers granular control to define their own strategy using high- and low-fidelity identifiers. They classified the identifiers as primary or secondary and then determined whether or not they should participate in identity stitching. Next, they fine-tuned the profile unification process by defining the priority within each classification of identifiers. With the multi-step merge control capability, they easily determined which of the identifiers should participate in Identity Stitching and how the identifiers would be utilised. With the Identity Strategy in place, Zeotap CDP stitched together 41.7M rows of data to identify 5.5M existing unique customer profiles with 8M targetable IDs on activation platforms – a sizable amount of data!

Suppression Audiences were build in no time

Zeotap CDP’s Audience module helped marketers effortlessly build customer segments. With Audiences, the process of creating logical customer segments became a breeze, eliminating the complexities of handling conditions and logic. Our interactive user interface simplifies this task with just a few clicks, putting you in control. But that’s not all – Audiences goes beyond segmentation, enabling you to transform complex data into actionable insights, and those insights into effective marketing strategies. With just a few clicks, marketers could identify user profiles that matched the suppression criteria and then create audience segments to be suppressed from the designated activation channels. This ensures exclusion of existing customers from digital advertising campaigns.

Activation and the final result

The audience segments to be suppressed were excluded from Virgin Media O2’s digital advertising campaigns on Google Search and Facebook. The same was done for their retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. By excluding data points like converted users, they could easily suppress users who were already converted. Additionally, they were also able to:

  • Acquire new customers: By excluding known users from campaigns, they could focus on a new set of customers only.
  • Upsell or cross-sell to existing customers: By understanding user behaviour like previous product purchases, they could design appropriate recommendations for existing customers.

Virgin Media O2 was able to spend smarter on its acquisition campaigns and reduce their Cost per Order (CPO) by 37%, while freeing up budget for prospecting campaigns

If you would like to learn more about how Zeotap CDP helped save Virgin Media O2 £1M and acquire more customers you can read our case study. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about how you can get the most out of our Catalogue and other features of Zeotap CDP, you can request a demo here.

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