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Fireside Chat with Vishal Chinchankar – Chief Digital Officer at Madison

We had the pleasure to talk to Vishal Chinchankar – Chief Digital Officer at Madison and gain some insights into how they look at data, and how zeotap plays a key role in their strategy.
Madison has been collaborating with zeotap which has consistently improved the outcomes that they have been able to deliver to their clients thanks to its deterministic data at scale. 
You can read the full interview below:

  • Tell us about yourself and your role at the company.

Currently, I am associated with Madison Media as a Chief Digital Officer. I love being a part of one of the fastest growing sectors in India – the digital sector. It has been a fruitful journey so far, and I’ve spent more than two decades in this sector. At Madison, I have enabled a mid-sized team to grow big and deliver results oriented campaigns.
I have managed roles that span across marketing and sales, and new product development, involving both startup and growth organizations that have led to client delight.

  • What could you tell us about the data industry in India, and how has it been in the past few years?

Indian organizations are shifting from traditional and tactical data projects to strategic, modern, and architecture-centric data and analytics programs. Today’s marketers are increasingly focusing on business outcomes, exploring the algorithmic business, and, most importantly, building trust with business and external partners. In particular, they are working toward adopting smart data discovery, augmented analytics, and data virtualization to stay ahead of the curve, not only from the business but also from the marketing point of view.

  • How does your company look into data, and how is it used across the company? Which types of clients do you work with that demand the most data, and which types of campaigns do you mostly run for them?

We, at Madison, capture all consumer signals to categorize data and draw logical conclusions from consumer insights.  First, we have built our own DMP, which helps us understand audiences, and over a period of time and campaigns, we have even defined cohorts with the help of first-, second-, and third-party data. Second, since we live in a multichannel world where customers are rapidly adopting connected devices, we have built our own proprietary tool to understand how audiences are interacting across various channels and screens. To emphasize, we explore ways to create value from those interactions real-time and try to get a holistic view of how consumers perceive their content. Today, most of our clients demand data- linked planning primarily on the programmatic platform.

  • How does Facebook play a role in your clients’ advertising strategy? Which data has been delivering the best results on this channel?

It’s all about how you target your audience, build customer journeys, and get people to your site to make a purchase. Facebook remains a top choice to drive all the above KPIs and paid social media strategies to help with that. We use various third-party data sets, and Zeotap is one of our reliable partners.  

  • Can you tell us about your journey with Zeotap? Which data of Zeotap is mostly in demand—both for programmatic and SNS channels? And how has it helped your clients?

We have an enduring partnership with Zeotap, and we appreciate the value it adds to our marketing efforts on both programmatic as well as social platforms. We have seen several successes in the past on a few of our campaigns, in generating lower CPA at a higher scale.

  • Can you share with us your most successful campaign with Zeotap— including KPI and results?

Indiabulls, one of the most trusted brands in the financial market, entered the personal loan business. While the new business model was growing, Indiabulls came up with a referral program where the goal was to increase disbursals via onboarding partners— which led to the creation of the ‘partner’ app.
The ‘partner’ app lets you earn extra income without any investment—through a referral offer. In this process, one becomes a partner, and then instantly earns on each disbursal.  Soon, the app grew exponentially, contributing to 1/3rd of the total loan disbursal at a lower cost than other channels. After giving such amazing business results, the focus shifted to onboarding partners.
With Zeotap’s rich load of data in hand, we tried different clusters for the campaign. Zeotap pushed across their data through four major clusters like broker/agents, multi-marketing chains and Telco ARPU. With the filter of geo and age resonating with the target audience of the partner app, the campaign kicked off with multiple creative communication campaigns which resulted in:
         4 percent increase in the number of onboarders
         3-4 percent better cost efficiency per onboarder
         Brokers/agents clusters performed the best with highest onboarders with a higher ticket size.

  • If you had to choose one word to describe Zeotap, what would that be? And how would you describe the team at Zeotap?

It’s incredible to see how the Zeotap team has gone above and beyond to serve us the best data and give us the most attentive service.
“Precise-match” — that says it all!

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