Data-Driven Retail: Maximising Value through First-Party Data and CDP

In this video, you will learn how first-party data and CDPs are reshaping customer engagement and driving retail growth. Additionally, you will gain valuable insights and actionable strategies through real-world examples and use cases.

CDP Talk: How to Make a CDP Project Successful

In this short video, you will learn the three key points that can elevate your strategy and make a Customer Data Platform implementation successful.

CDP Talk: Why Choose Zeotap CDP

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the uniqueness of the Zeotap Customer Data Platform and its benefits for brands.

CDP Talk: Media. How Sky is Redefining Marketing with CDP

Discover the strategic role of CDPs in modern marketing and how Sky is leveraging this technology to drive unparalleled customer experiences. This video offers valuable lessons for marketing professionals and businesses looking to enhance data utilisation and customer engagement through technology.

CDP Talk: Telco. Mastering Customer Data Platforms

This video is a must-watch for industry professionals and business leaders looking to leverage customer data for strategic advantage and improved customer satisfaction. Join us for a deep dive into the world of telecom data management and discover actionable insights from a veteran in the field.

CDP talk: Telco. Zeotap CDP perspective

Discover the pivotal role of a CDP in shaping the marketing strategies for telecommunications companies. Hear from Daniel Heer, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeotap, and Tibor Stefan, Zeotap’s Chief Revenue Officer, as they provide an insightful perspective on the subject

CDP talk: Telco. Empowering Telco Growth with CDPs

Dive into the transformative world of CDPs in the Telco industry with our latest video interview with Kay Schwabedal, former CDO at Virgin Media O2. Discover how Zeotap CDP drives business growth, enhances customer retention, and shapes future Telco trends.

CDP talk: Telco. Virgin Media O2 Success Story with Zeotap CDP

Discover how Virgin Media O2 saved £1 Million annually with Zeotap CDP!
In this exclusive interview with Andy Lewis, Head of Paid Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media O2, learn how integrating Zeotap CDP into their marketing strategy led to remarkable cost savings and increased customer acquisition.

Retail Media Talk: Strategy, Setup, and CDP Solution

In this illuminating interview, Marco Schierhorn, Managing Director at DIGITL, and Mitch Gavril, Head of Partnerships at Zeotap, offer invaluable insights into achieving success in the realm of retail media, emphasising the indispensable role of CDPs in shaping its future.

Retail Media Talk: The Role of CDP in Douglas Retail Media Strategy

In this captivating conversation, with Jessica Wegner, VP New Business & Retail Media at DOUGLAS, and our VP Sales, Stefan Blumenthal you will discover how DOUGLAS set out to transform its Retail Media strategy by harnessing the power of first-party data both on-site and off-site.