Retail Media and the Role of CDP

Retail Media represents a paradigm shift in marketing strategies where retailers leverage their digital platforms to provide advertising space to brands, harnessing first-party transactional and behavioral data for precise targeting. The success of this strategy relies on striking a balance between user experience and commercial goals, and that’s where Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) come into… Continue reading Retail Media and the Role of CDP

CDP Diaries: Customer Journeys You’ll Fall in Love With – Luxury Retail

In the fast-paced and competitive retail sector, delivering personalised and seamless customer experiences is paramount for success. Luxury brands, in particular, face the challenge of leveraging customer data to develop tailored strategies that drive loyalty and boost sales. The ability to harness customer data is not just a luxury, but a strategic imperative for identifying… Continue reading CDP Diaries: Customer Journeys You’ll Fall in Love With – Luxury Retail

Nestlé achieves 2x click-through rate with the help of deterministic data

By building deterministic lookalike and high-quality audience segments with Zeotap CDP, Nestlé achieved a 2x increase in CTR, as well as a decrease in bounce rate.

Global CPG achieves 30% boost in marketing efficiency

The end of this initiative resulted in the deployment of more data-driven insight and personalised experiences for CPG customers that streamlined the brand’s marketing efficiency by 30%.

Global retailer fills gaps in first-party data

By the end of the initiative, the retailer was able to leverage Zeotap’s Enterprise Data to run its internal analytics, measurement and activation in its own properties – allowing it to deploy more relevant product recommendations and deliver on its ‘customer first’ promise.